Introduction of SAT

SAT is the most common entry exam for the American universities and high schools. In 1941, SAT developed from an IQ Test to a Scholastic Aptitude Test after multiple reforms

Anyone who is above 12 years old and interested in applying to study in American high school or university can take SAT. Usually, SAT will be taken during the last 2 years of the students' middle school. One can use the test result to apply for universities in the USA.

There are three parts to the SAT test: writing, critical reading and maths, in each part your score can be between 200-800 and you final grade would be the total sum of the three scores. The length of the exam is usually 4 hours, 15 minutes for administration and 3 hours and 45 minutes for the actual exam.

Most universities require a SAT score as they believe it has more authority than a GPA score.