While your children are enjoying Easter holiday, Christmas holiday and half term, BCIC is worried that they are not making the best use of their time. When they go back to school after holidays, their English hasn't been improved and they haven't revised for their studies, which is not what BCIC wants for them. We want your children to make academic progress and improve their English during the holidays and lay a solid foundation for their application to Oxford and Cambridge University. BCIC not only wants your children to win at the starting line, but also wants them to win at the finishing line!

In order to achieve our goal, BCIC invites renowned Oxford teachers to run short courses during the holidays for children to enhance their English skills and improve performance in three main subjects that they choose for themselves. Every teacher has gone through careful selection, and every lesson has been designed to meet your children's needs. The maximum class size is 5 students. We will guarantee the teaching quality and the leaning effectiveness, which will make sure that your children can become top students while enjoying their holidays. (Notice: There are limited places available on the short courses since we insist on small class size. Please apply as early as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.)