Introduction of IELTS

To apply to study in the UK, you have you pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). IELTS majorly examine the skills one would need while studying in the UK universities and graduate schools. BCIC provides 1:1 IELTS training course, ensuring you to improve your English language skills.




Most Asian students are more used to American accent, that's why a lot of them find IELTS listening difficult. We suggest the students listen to BBC radio stations regularly or watch more English films to get used to the British accent. During the listening test, read through the questions in advance.


BCIC will provide you with a list of frequently asked questions in IELTS speaking test so that you can practice with your friends and family. While practicing, we suggest you to record your speaking and improve your level by listening back to the recording.

BCIC also provides IELTS speaking intensive training, where you can practice 1:1 conversational English and pronunciation with BCIC's professional language tutor.


BCIC suggests you to read extensively as the reading test in IELTS covers a wide range of fields. Also, try to browse all the questions before you start reading


BCIC suggests you to organize the structure of your answers in the writing test, try to familiarise yourself with different words and pattern to express the same meaning and support your argument by giving examples. Most importantly, always save some time for final checking of your script.

Booking for IELTS

The BCIC Education Consultant can assist you to book IELTS test. (Test fee non-included)

For more information about IELTS, please contact us