Application Process

School Selection

The BCIC Education Consultants will talk to you about why you want to study in the UK and what you want to achieve by studying in the UK. After adequately understanding your needs and background, you Educational Consultant will find a best match for you according to your personal interests and career planning. For more school information, please contact us.

Documents Preparation and Translation

The BCIC Education Consultants will tell you meticulously about the required documents for application and provide you examples while preparing these documents. The BCIC Education Consultants will also assist you translate all your documents, including personal statement, study proposal and portfolio. For more information about application documents, please contact us.

Receiving Offer

Once all the required documents have been collected, the BCIC Education Consultants will start the application for you. BCIC have years of experience cooperating with multiple British universities and schools and we are confident to say that we have a very high admission rate of our students. BCIC will assure you attain the admission offer from your dream school. After receiving the offer, the BCIC Education Consultant will also assist you with the following process such as paying deposit. For more information, please contact us.

Accommodation Arrangement

After officially accepting the offer, the BCIC Education Consultant will provide you with accommodation information and assist you to find accommodation on campus or English homestay that suits you the best. For more information about accommodation, please contact us.

Visa Application

One of the most complicated procedures in applying for studying in the UK is Visa application. However, the BCIC Visa Experts will assist you to prepare all required documents as well as provide a mock Visa interview. You can then walk into the Visa Centre fully prepared and attain your UK visa without any problem. For more information about Visa application, please contact us.

Book Flight Ticket

The final step before your trip to the UK is to book the flight ticket. If required, our BCIC Consultant will also arrange and book your flight ticket for you. For more information about flight ticket booking, please contact us.