UK Primary School Introduction

The age of primary students in the UK is 5 to 11 and there are 6 years of studying in total. There are three kinds of primary schools in the UK: independent, state and church schools. We suggest independent schools to be your first choice as they have a reputation for excellent teaching quality and a diversified course design.

UK education provides highly qualified teaching staff for students to engage in more focused and professional research and study, a multicultural learning environment for them to fully experience various cultures, an innovative teaching method that emphasises on critical thinking for them to develop the ability to think and express themselves logically. Therefore, UK education is widely recognized by industries and enterprise in China and abroad. A UK university degree will make you more competitive in the job market.


The courses in the UK primary schools are diversified. For example, there are outdoor teaching, group activity, picnic, ball games and so all. These assorted courses are perfect opportunities for the children to improve their social abilities while opening a window of the society for them.


In the UK, the major subjects in primary schools are Mathematics, English, Physical Education, Art and Music. Compared to China, the UK primary schools focus more on the comprehensive development of the students. The BCIC Education Consultant will learn about the children's interests and needs sufficiently before recommending the best match for them. Contact us now!

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