Guardianship Introduction

By the British law, students under 18 have to have a guardian currently living in the UK. BCIC has rich experience in guardianship, providing a meticulous guardianship service for the students studying in the UK. We provide a wide range of services, ensuring the students can enjoy the family warmth in a foreign country.

BCIC Guardianship covers a wide range of services, including
Preparation before departure Guardianship and care
Academic guidance Holiday arrangement
Medical assistance Financial management
Chinese consulting Visiting
Legal counselling Arrangement for going back to home


Guardianship Services

Services Silver Card Gold Card Platinum Card
Before Departure
Preparation Session The BCIC Education Consultant will tell you meticulously about what the students need to prepare before coming to the UK.
Airport Pick-up Service Our BCIC professional personnel will pick-up the students from the airport and deliver them to the destination securely.
UK phone card he BCIC Education Consultant will purchase UK phone cards for the students beforehand so that they can contact you as soon as they arrive in the UK. We will also be responsible for topping up the phone cards.
Flight Ticket Booking The BCIC Education Consultant will also book the flight ticket for the students. 。
Guardianship and Care
24-Hour Emergency Contact We provide 24-hour emergency contact throughout the year. If any emergency occurs during the child's stay in the UK, we will also inform you immediately.
Close Contact Close contact with the child, the school and homestay throughout the year, make the students feel like home.
Visiting A few days after the students arrived in the UK, we will pay our first visit. During their stay, we will visit them regularly to learn about their life and studies.
Regular Contact We will contact the students regularly and report to you about their updated situation. The reports will also be recorded in the Students Profile for parents to review.
Address Registration According to the English law, Chinses students are required to register their address with local police offices. BCIC will assist the registration.
Academic Guidance
Attending Parent Meeting and School Activities We will attend parent meetings and school activities upon the schools requirements. We will consult your opinion before the parent meetings so that we can pass them on to the school.We will attend parent meetings and school activities upon the schools requirements. We will consult your opinion before the parent meetings so that we can pass them on to the school.
Parent Consent Any social or outdoor activities require parent consent. We will sign on your behalf after obtaining your consent.
Tuition Fee Payment The BCIC Education Consultant will assist you to check and pay the tuition fees.
Academic Guidance We fully understand that the students can easily encounter difficulties and obstacles. Therefore, we provide comprehensive academic support and guidance to assist the students to improve their English and achieve better grades, helping them on the way toward prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge. The guidance includes language training, Oxbridge as well as personal tutors. (NB: Course fees are non-included.)
IELTS Tutoring IETLS is an essential entrance requirement for British universities and graduate school. BCIC provides 1:1 IELTS tutoring; assure you a high score in IELTS and a successful application to the prestigious British universities. (NB: Tutoring fees are non-included.)
SAT Tutoring A SAT result is required if the students wish to enrol universities in the USA. BCIC suggest the preparation for SAT should be as early as possible. BCIC provides 1:1 SAT tutoring; assure you a high score in SAT and a successful application to the prestigious American universities. (NB: Tutoring fees are non-included.)
Scholarship Application BCIC has rich experience in scholarship application. Our BCIC Education Consultant will provide you all the information for scholarship application (including the amount of scholarship, eligible candidate and requirements) and assist with the application process, which will largely increase your chance of success.
Further Studies and Transfer Between Schools Our BCIC Education Consultant will provide you professional guidance in further studies, transfer between schools and career plan.
School Supplies BCIC will purchase required school supplies for the students.
Uniforms BCIC will book the uniforms upon the requirement of school. (NB: Additional charges if the school requires trying on in person.)
Holiday Arrangements
Travel Arrangement The BCIC Education Consultant will arrange travelling in the UK or in other countries according to you and the students' preference. (NB: Visa application fees and flight tickets are non-included.)
Holiday Course BCIC provides holiday courses during Easter Holiday, Christmas Holiday and half-term holiday. We help the students learn English and study during the holidays. (NB: tutoring fees are non-included.)
Accommodation Schools usually do not provide accommodation during the exeat weekends and half terms. Therefore, we will find a welcoming and secure homestay for the students. All homestays have passed our rigorous inspection and criminal history checks. We will also accommodate the students according to their interests and personalities. The homestay will be responsible for the students' breakfast, lunch, pick-up and drop-off.(NB: Homestay costs are non-included.)
Medical Care
Medical Care If the students are ill or injured in an accident, we will contact hospitals immediately for proper medical care.
Medical Emergency When there is a medical emergency, we will make the best decision for the students subject to your authorization.
Psychological Counselling When there is any problem with the students, including bad behaviour, mental disorders, learning difficulties, homesickness etc., we will increase our contact with the students and visit the school in person for psychological counselling, reporting to you the updated situation of the student.
Financial Management
Learning Fund Managemen BCIC will solve any problems regarding money transfer for you. For example, the learning fund you paid will be used for the students' tuition fee, homestay cost and uniform with your consent. We promise a transparent balance: at the end of every academic year, we will provide you the whole year's balance for your appraisal.
Bank Account If you are worried that opening bank account is too complicated for the students to handle, BCIC will take care of it for you.
Chinese Consulting
School Report The BCIC professional translator will translate every school report into Chinese for you. With the school reports, you can learn about the studies of the students and decide whether to have extra tutoring classes(e.g. language training, Oxbridge training and personal tutor). (NB: tutoring fees are non-included.)
Chinese Consulting You can contact the BCIC Education Consultant anytime in Chinese regarding the students' status quo.
Visiting Arrangement
Visiting Arrangement The BCIC Education Consultant will assist your visit to the UK, including visa application, itinerary arrangement, booking hotel, transportation and arranging appointment with the school. (NB: Visa application fees, transportation and accommodation costs are non-included.)
Legal Counselling
Legal Counselling If required, we will provide legal counselling for the students regarding any legal disputes and update the parents at the same time.(NB: All legal fees are non-included.)
Before Return
Return Flight Ticket Booking The BCIC Education Consultant will assist the students with flight ticket booking. (NB: Flight tickets fees are non-included.)
Transport Company BCIC will help the students find the trust-worthy transport companies to transfer their luggage back to China.
Airport Drop-off Service The BCIC Education Consultant will prearrange drop-off service and provide you the contact information of the driver beforehand. The drivers have all passed our criminal history inspection and are nice and welcoming. They will not only deliver the students to the airport but also help them carry luggage.